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A Word About Writing: One Author, Seven Questions

An Interview with Michael Perry, by Heidi Sistare

Michael Perry

Michael Perry writes memoir that straddles the philosophical and the mundane. He’s also riotously funny. In addition to memoir, Perry writes young adult novels, hosts a radio show, performs in a band, and raises pigs on his farm in rural Wisconsin. His books include Population 485, Truck: A Love Story and The Scavengers. We talked about his next novel, parenting, and his favorite poets.

You write a lot about the people and places around you, in your small town in Wisconsin. How do your neighbors respond to being written about? 

For the most part, folks don’t take much notice. Occasionally someone will say something funny and ask, “So is that gonna be in the next book?” My friend Bob the One-Eyed Beagle (who says a lot of very quotable things) got in the habit of trying to generate a quote every time I saw him. I told him his quality was slipping and he needed a better editor. We had a good laugh over that. I do my best to write honestly but respectfully, and I think that helps. It also helps that I really do live close to the ground, I really do walk into the same... Read more

In the Telling

Kyle McCord

In our latest installment of the In the Telling series, listen to Kyle McCord read two poems that appear in Issue 13: The Unknown.    Kyle McCord is the author of three books of poetry: Galley of the Beloved in Torment (Dream Horse Press, 2009), a co-written book of epistolary poems entitled Informal Invitations to a... Read more

Encounters in Publishing

#58: Behind the Slice Literary Writers’ Conference: An Interview with editor Maya Ziv by Maria Gagliano

The word ‘platform’ is often greeted by groans from emerging writers. Many of us are tired of hearing that we need to ‘get on Twitter’ and ‘build a following’ if we want an agent or publisher to notice our work. We’re writers—bookworms and wallflowers by design. Many writers do tweet comfortably and brilliantly, but most of us do not, and... Read more

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Slice Literary Writers' Conference

The 2015 Slice Literary Writers' Conference will take place on September 12 + 13, 2015. Stay tuned for more details. 


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