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A Word About Writing: One Author, Seven Questions

An Interview with Author Valerie Geary and Editor Emily Krump, by Celia Johnson

Crooked River

Crooked River, a debut novel by Valerie Geary, is the story of two sisters who go to great lengths to save their father. Fifteen-year-old Sam and her ten-year-old sister, Ollie, don’t know everything about Bear, their beekeeper father. But both girls are certain that he is innocent of murder. Crooked River is a poignant tale of grief, ghosts, crime, and above all, family. I spoke with author Valerie Geary and her editor Emily Krump about the editorial process, what surprises authors after they land a book deal, and more.

Valerie, what inspired you to write Crooked River?

VG I’d been reading a lot about minimalists and people living off the grid, and I came across this article about a man who left his kids to live in the woods where he read books and made art. I kept wondering about those kids, what that must have been like for them. So I started to play around with a story idea about two young girls visiting their reclusive, teepee-dwelling father. The first time I sat down to write, things didn’t go so well. Nothing was really happening; I was bored. So I took a long walk and along the way the... Read more

In the Telling

#23: Erin Somers

In our latest installment of the In the Telling series, listen to Erin Somers read “Regret,” which appears in Issue 15: Hope.

Erin Somers was the recipient of the 2013 Neil Shepard Fiction Prize. Her writing has appeared in Green Mountains Review, One Teen Story, and elsewhere. She holds an MFA from the... Read more

Encounters in Publishing

#68: Behind the Slice Literary Writers’ Conference: An Interview with literary agent Michelle Brower, by Maria Gagliano

The 2015 Slice Literary Writers’ Conference is four months away, and we can’t wait until September to hear from our panelists about their corner of the book publishing world. We’ll be chatting all summer with the editors, agents, and authors who are joining us in Brooklyn for a weekend of candid conversations, mentoring, and craft workshops.

We recently caught up... Read more

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