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A Word About Writing: One Author, Seven Questions

An Interview with Justin Taylor, by Celia Johnson

Justin Taylor

I met with Justin Taylor at the Housing Works Bookstore Café in Soho. It’s a renowned literary hot spot, by day a used bookstore with a vast selection that runs floor to ceiling, and most nights an event space jam-packed with exciting talent. The café is at the back of the store, and on this unusually quiet afternoon, it was only half full.

We were there to discuss Flings, Taylor’s latest short story collection. There’s no one place that binds these stories, nor one character. They take place on both coasts of the United States and as far away as Hong Kong. They are about the old and the young, men and women, parents, children, and widows. Under Taylor’s masterful hand, these characters are unified not by circumstance but by different manifestations of desire, grief, or regret. It’s unsurprising, then, that you’re just as likely to laugh at the horny young man wearing a mushroom suit in one story as to cry over the excruciating grief that follows the death of a boy in another.

As we spoke, I lost track of the questions I’d written down because, as you’ll see, Taylor is full of marvelous surprises, like setting a... Read more

In the Telling

Kyle McCord

In our latest installment of the In the Telling series, listen to Kyle McCord read two poems that appear in Issue 13: The Unknown.    Kyle McCord is the author of three books of poetry: Galley of the Beloved in Torment (Dream Horse Press, 2009), a co-written book of epistolary poems entitled Informal Invitations to a... Read more

Encounters in Publishing

#57: Behind the Slice Literary Writers’ Conference: An Interview with literary agent Noah Ballard by Maria Gagliano

Only three weeks left until the Slice Literary Writers’ Conference hits downtown Brooklyn. As we confirm final details with our panelists, we can’t help pull a few of these guys aside for an early conversation about their work with debut authors. Today we riffed with Noah Ballard, who recently set up shop at Curtis Brown after several years working with... Read more

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Registration is open for the Slice Literary Writers' ConferenceSo many literary pros in one place, talking about the craft of writing and the business of writing. Don't miss out! 


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