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A Word About Writing: One Author, Seven Questions

An Interview with Katherine Fawcett, by Liz Mathews

Katherine Fawcett

In the opening of his NPR book review of Katherine Fawcett’s The Little Washer of Sorrows, Jason Heller writes that the book  “is not what it seems.” Halfway through the third page of the first story of the collection the reader gets a heavy sense of this, and even though the tale clearly breaks from any reality you or I might recognize, you just have to know what’s going to happen next. This is true of pretty much every piece in the collection, including a short one called “Cannonball,” from the perspective of a kid whose mom is giving him some bad news. Have you ever bothered to consider bad news from an eleven-year-old’s point of view, since you were eleven? Afraid to go down that path? Indulge yourself.

That’s what Fawcett has opted to do—at least as far as her writing goes. She started her career in sports reporting, moved toward freelance journalism and commercial writing, and by motherhood/age forty decided to give those fiction voices in her head a chance. I was able to ask her about what it was like to prepare stories for a collection, how her previous writing experiences aided her when it came... Read more

In the Telling

#23: Erin Somers

In our latest installment of the In the Telling series, listen to Erin Somers read “Regret,” which appears in Issue 15: Hope.

Erin Somers was the recipient of the 2013 Neil Shepard Fiction Prize. Her writing has appeared in Green Mountains Review, One Teen Story, and elsewhere. She holds an MFA from the... Read more

Encounters in Publishing

#76: Behind the Slice Literary Writers’ Conference: An Interview with Little, Brown Deputy Marketing Director Miriam Parker, by Liz Mathews

Marketing: an incredibly important department in the publishing world. But what, exactly, does the marketing department do for a title? Or for the author of that title? And what can you do for the marketing department when it comes to your book?

We spoke with Miriam Parker, the Deputy Marketing Director at Little, Brown, to get some insight... Read more

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Slice Literary Writers' Conference

The 2015 Slice Literary Writers' Conference will take place on September 12 + 13, 2015.


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