#34: Behind the Slice Conference: Tell Us What You’d Like Our Panelists to Discuss! by Maria Gagliano

We at Slice are working away to plan our fourth annual writers’ conference in September. It’s a book publishing extravaganza, where the industry’s smartest and kindest editors, agents, and authors join forces to help new writers learn more about the industry and demystify the process of getting a book published.

The conference is for you, dear writers, and every element is planned with your frustrations and questions in mind. Panels on topics such as revising, pitching agents, and self-publishing were borne from conversations we’ve shared with you about the daunting journey of making a book. We’ve also polled previous attendees on things they’d like to see more (and less) of and embraced your emailed questions and suggestions. We’re now offering agent meetings at three different levels thanks to your feedback. You can either meet one-on-one to just ask questions about your project and its place in the market, receive feedback on a query letter, or get an agent’s thoughts on a query letter and a writing sample. This way, you can still talk one-on-one with an agent about your project, even if you don’t feel ready for a full-blown “sales pitch.”

Our panel schedule is now live and we’d love to hear from you more than ever. Let us know what questions you’d like to ask if you were sitting in the audience on any of our panels. We will be sure to work your question into the conversation. Please email us at info(at), tweet us @slicemagazine, or comment here with your burning questions about getting a book published. And while September may seem like it’s a long time away, we have a feeling we’ll be geeking out in Brooklyn with you, our book nerd pals, before we know it.

You can check out our conference page for the panel schedule and details on agent meetings.