Courtney Maum

An Interview with Richard Haddon, Protagonist of Courtney Maum’s I AM HAVING SO MUCH FUN HERE WITHOUT YOU

Usually we email authors for our Word About Writing series. But I couldn’t resist asking protagonist Richard Haddon a few quick questions this time around. Richard isn’t a heroic character. Though he wishes he was a better man, a heroic man, and not a cheat. We follow Richard as he tries to rectify his mistakes in Courtney Maum’s debut novel, I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You. It’s an ambitious book. Unique. And, like Maum, hilarious.

New Yorkers, check out Maum’s book launch party, tonight at Powerhouse Arena, co-hosted by the awesome folks at Electric Literature.

And without further ado, a Q&A with Richard Haddon by Celia Johnson, Creative Director of Slice.

Biggest regret: Thinking I could get away with it.

Most proud of: The fact that I have a decent relationship with my parents.

Favorite food: Fries and gravy. (a.k.a., Poutine.)

Boxers or briefs? Depends on the pants!

When I’m stressed, I…: Think about things that stress me out more, like whether Anne I should have had—or should be making—another child, and whether such baby-making would help me win her back.

At the top of my bucket list: Take my wife on a movie-dinner date, except ratchet it up: a movie at the historical Japanese art house cinema, La Pagode in Paris, followed by sweetbreads at Chateaubriand.

This summer, I will…: Run the Swiffer picker upper through the detritus of my life.



Courtney Maum

The latest installment of our weekly podcast series features a reading from Courtney Maum. Click here to listen to Courtney read from “The Arts and Crafts Section,” which appears in Issue 12: Obsession.

Courtney Maum is a humor columnist for Electric Literature and Barrelhouse, an advice columnist for Tin House, and a book reviewer for BOMB Magazine. She has a novel entitled John Mayer Reviews Things and a blog where you can read more of her work if you’d like:

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