Kary Perez

#65: An Interview with Penguin Random House editorial assistant Kary Perez, by Maria Gagliano

Authors and editors offer excellent insight into the publishing world, but sometimes the best wisdom comes from deeper within the machine—the assistants who make this crazy book world go ‘round. Because while it’s the editors who find brilliant authors and help make their books even better, the assistants are often the ones who truly make the book a reality. They work closely with production departments, legal teams, and liaise with dozens of people who are part of a book in some way. Without them, our books may not ever make it to the printer with integrity and grace. I spoke with Penguin Random House editorial assistant Kary Perez, who worked her way through a series of internships and is now keeping the machine running around several bestselling nonfiction books each year. And when Kary is not busy keeping everyone’s books intact, she spearheads office coat drives and keeps her colleagues laughing with .gifs that take the tension out of any stressful day.

What made you want to work in book publishing?

Like most people that end up in this industry, I’ve loved books from a young age. Books offered me an intoxicating form of escapism and adventure. I travelled the world (and beyond), won wars, attended a certain wizarding school, and questioned the meaning of it all from a jail cell, all before I even went off to college. Once I got to college I realized that books were much more than the experiences they granted me; I realized they were also products with an industry dedicated to them, and that I could be a part of the process.