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SLICE members are part of a community that believes emerging writers are critical to our cultural conversation. We are united by our love for storytelling and our fierce passion for nurturing unheard voices.

Slice bridges the gap between emerging writers and the publishing world.

SLICE was founded by two book editors who wanted to give emerging writers the chance to break into the publishing world. To do that, we invited everyone into the same space. On the page and off the page, at SLICE we forge connections between agents, editors, acclaimed writers, and new voices. You’re invited to join in, too.

Our members are at the heart of our community. You are readers, writers, and publishing professionals. You are here to talk, to connect, to learn, to discover. And by helping to fund our programs, you play an active role in nurturing the next generation of storytellers.

If you’re a reader, join SLICE because you’ll have the chance to see how books and magazines come to life, by listening to and talking with the people who make them.

If you’re a writer, join SLICE because you’ll learn about the business and the art of publishing, from the very people who are behind the scenes; and because you’ll forge new connections with fellow writers and publishing professionals.

If you’re a publishing professional, join SLICE to discover and support emerging voices, to find out what your literary peers are up to, and to become part of the conversation.

If you’d like to do more to support SLICE, become a Literary Luminary or a Bookworm Benefactor. At these levels, you will provide students in need with the opportunity to attend our annual writers’ conference, an event that draws 120+ leading writers and publishing professionals who are eager to help new voices take the next step in their careers.

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Ravenous Reader | $75

Two-year digital subscription to SLICE magazine (2 issues total).

10% discount on enrollment to the SLICE Literary Writers’ Conference.

Book lover’s 11 oz ceramic mug.

Subscription to our bi-monthly e-newsletter, featuring our latest news and interviews with authors, agents, and publishing professionals about the business and the craft of publishing.


Creative Cohort | $150

All Ravenous Reader benefits.

Free access to panels at the upcoming digital SLICE Literary Writers’ Conference.

Ambitious Author | $250

All Creative Cohort benefits.

Two-year digital subscription to SLICE magazine and coffee mug for a friend.

Perennial Patron | $500

All Ambitious Author benefits.

Acknowledgment in one issue of SLICE.

A lifetime digital subscription to SLICE.

Literary Luminary | $1,000

All Perennial Patron benefits.

Recognition as the sponsor of a SLICE Literary Writers’ Conference student scholarship.

Bookworm Benefactor | $2,500

All Literary Luminary benefits.

Recognition as the sponsor of 5 SLICE Literary Writers’ Conference student scholarships.